Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taking the Plunge

I've always been a little late to each dance, hence another blog is born. Please forgive me if you've "heard this before," as I recount tales from my youth, odd encounters, little-known corruption schemes and opinions on issues large and small.

The name is taken from one of the largest lakes in northeastern Minnesota, which I paddled across despite strong headwinds in June 1964. Because I was never a movie star needing a stage name, I adopted "Brule Laker" as my nom du photog for the Flickr Web site. In fact, I haven't been back to the lake since, which doesn't prevent me from claiming to see things from there. So here's my first shameless bit of self-promotion: check out my photographs on Flickr ( I'm particularly proud of my vast collection of former synagogue buildings in Chicago. I hope to have a book published featuring a representative sample . . . that is, if I don't spend too much time on this blog.

Thank you for your forbearance. Blogging will begin shortly.

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